Aman moves to QBIC

Aman proud to announce that we have relocated to Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC), the most significant incubation center in the middles. Eventually, we are now entitled to utilize the productive innovation infrastructure at QBIC to better develop our home-grown car roll cage product line. QBIC is a unique mixed-use business incubation center providing support services to help companies who either have an idea to start a business or want to grow an existing business.

Being at QBIC, Aman will be able now to grow its product line, supporting existing customers and approach new markets. QBIC helps business to grow from an existing base by catalyzing their sales and marketing machine through four key services: access to the marketplace (local, regional and international customers); access to human capital (recruiting talent); smart financing (provision and access to equity and debt finance); and coaching & mentoring.

QBIC will help Aman manufacturing businesses to grow not only through the provision of workshop space but by assigning mentors who are vertical experts in the particular line of business of these companies. Industry experts meet online or offline with companies on a needs-to basis or regularly depending on specific requirements.